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Prototyping Matrix

The Highest score from Process Assessment is the primary
process, the second highest score is the secondary process.
Once you cross the values of your primary process and
secondary process you discover the suggested process to
develop your solution design.




Prototyping Matrix

Process Requirement

  • For each challenge solution you will find a suggested
    process. Execute the tools from the left to the right
    sequentially. Keep coming back to the previous tool to
    refine your findings.


  • This means that you can choose which tool could work
    the best for you. That does not preserve you to execute
    both of them if you believe information relevant to your


  • In this case we recommend you to utilize both the tools
    in parallel. Utilize each tool findings to improve your
    design again and again.
  • As general rule remember that each tools are iterative.
    After finishing with a tool, move to the second, third
    and come back to the first. Keep going this way until
    you reach the desired outcome.
  • And why not, look at other tools in the toolkit and try
    whatever seems relevant to you. You can only gain from
    the experience.