Explaining the dilemma is choosing the appropriate prototyping technique for a given business model.

This video speaks about the interaction existing between Product, Space, System and Service design. It propose a tools to select the appropriate prototyping technique.

Download the Prototyping Decision Matrix along with other tools (21 Tools) at Innovation Toolbox: http://innovationtoolbox.org/

It’s FREE List of tools for:

CHALLENGE Use this tools to identify innovation challenges. Understand the influencing factors that characterize your challenge.

-Innovation Diagnostic Canvas
-Challenge Abstraction
-Challenge Profile

IDEATE These ideation tools would helps you to open the door to multiple solutions to resolve your challenge. Select the tool that fit the best your challenge profile.

-Idea Bridge
-Idea Hacks –
Reverse Innovation

Now that you got many ideas, its time to Converge towards the best design solution. Use this tools to understand which solution correspond the best to your challenge.

-Idea Assessment Canvas
-Idea Elimination
-Intelligent Sticky Note

Explore various possibility of prototyping your idea. Use the tool matrix to determine the nature of your design.

-Goal Assessment
-Gain/Pain Assessment
-Prototype Decision Matrix
-Prototyping Matrix
-Construction Iteration
-Conceptual Model
-System Map
-Service Image
-Experience Protoytpe

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