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Prototype Decision Matrix


This grid help you to sort solution ideas and assess what the
concept solution is about. The solution will be a service, system,
space or product, most probably a combination of those.
Place solution ideas on the grid with respect to the nature of
each ideas and idea contribution.




Prototype Decision Matrix

Evaluate Solution

  • For each solution. Place the solution ideas on the grid
    according to what you believe the solution is about. The
    idea solution maybe a Service, System, Space or
    Product. Make a choice based on your assumption.
  • Some ideas would be a combination of Service, System,
    Space or Product decide which is the most prominent.
  • The cross separate the 4 types of concept ideas that
    contribute to your challenge solution.

Idea Contribution

  • Each sticky note has a tree symbol with a mention
    about the idea contribution. (The trunk, the branch or
    the leaf.
  • Place your solution on the grid with respect to idea
  • Note: at any time in the process you may add ideas to
    the concept solution. Change idea contribution value,
    business line, etc. As general guideline, make sure that
    findings and discovery make sense to you.

Result Interpretation

  • Totalize the points you have harvested for each solution
    idea. The highest result is you primary process the
    second highest result is your secondary process.
  • Interpret these two results with the Process Matrix and
    find out which process is the most suitable to develop
    your solution.
  • Egg.: The highest result is 6 for SPACE an the second
    highest is 4 for SERVICE. SPACE is the primary process
    and SERVICE the secondary process. Reporting these 2
    value on the Process Matrix we can see that process
    number 3 is the most suitable.