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While writing a business case about your business solution you
may find difficult to retrieve connection with business honors,
contribution to the concept solution and institutional values. To
respond this challenge we use Intelligent Sticky note with a set
of standard pictograms you can tick mark.



Idea Elimination

Business Category

  • In this box you can tick mark the business category the
    idea belong to:
  1. People – management, strategy, policy.
  2. Technology – IT,processes
  3. Infrastructure – Building, plan, installation
  • This information become useful at a later  stage when
    you want to write a report about your business case.
    You will know what are the business categories
    associated to your idea concept.

Idea Contribution

  • Some idea are fundamental to the challenge resolution
    other maybe incremental. We have 3 categories of
    ideas. Fundamental, incremental and something in
    between for those we are not sure about.
  • While using Idea Assessment Canvas you will need to
    sort your ideas into those 3 categories. We encourage
    you to report this information on each sticky note using
    the “tree” label.
  • The trunk is fundamental(or vital for the tree), the
    branches are substantial and leaf incremental

Impact Feasibility

  • Ideas are sorted with respect to Impact and Feasibility.
  • Move the idea towards High Impact if you believe that
    this idea would have an high impact towards challenge
  • Move the idea towards High Feasibility if you believe
    that the idea is easily feasible.
  • Ideas that have Low Impact and Low Feasibility are
    likely to be discarded.