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CHALLENGE Use this tools to identify innovation challenges. Understand the influencing factors that characterize your challenge.

-Innovation Diagnostic Canvas
-Challenge Abstraction
-Challenge Profile

IDEATE These ideation tools would helps you to open the door to multiple solutions to resolve your challenge. Select the tool that fit the best your challenge profile.

-Idea Bridge
-Idea Hacks
-Reverse Innovation

CONVERGE Now that you got many ideas, its time to Converge towards the best design solution. Use this tools to understand which solution correspond the best to your challenge.

-Idea Assessment Canvas
-Idea Elimination
-Intelligent Sticky Note

PROTOTYPE & TEST Explore various possibility of prototyping your idea. Use the tool matrix to determine the nature of your design.

-Goal Assessment
-Gain/Pain Assessment
-Prototype Decision Matrix
-Prototyping Matrix -Storyboard
-Construction Iteration
-Conceptual Model
-System Map
-Service Image
-Experience Protoytpe

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