Innovation Diagnostic Canvas


Innovation Diagnostic Canvas

This tool can be used to identify different challenges from
various stakeholders. It is particularly useful when an
organization want to start innovate without having a specific
challenge in mind.




Innovation Diagnostic Canvas


Color Coding

  • Participants will start by filling up the canvas with
    green, yellow, and red sticky notes.
  • Green for what we celebrate well. Where we are successful.
  • Yellow for these things that are not always successful in
    the organization.
  • Red for what we do not do, or fail to do.


  • As the canvas get filed with many notes. We start
    understanding areas of the organization where things
    are lacking.
  • It maybe tempting to fill up the canvas with green
    notes. We are actually looking for red notes. Where the
    scope of improvement is much higher.

Challenge Identification

  • From the red notes particularly, we drive challenges at
    the center of the canvas.
  • Challenges can be a combination of several notes and
  • Each challenges will be identified in a separate note.