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Innovation Diagnostic Canvas


This tool can be used to identify different challenges from
various stakeholders. It is particularly useful when an
organization want to start innovate without having a specific
challenge in mind.




Innovation Diagnostic Canvas


  • Participants will start by filling up the canvas with
    green, yellow, and red sticky notes.
  • Green for what we celebrate well. Where we are successful.
  • Yellow for these things that are not always successful in
    the organization.
  • Red for what we do not do, or fail to do.


  • As the canvas get filed with many notes. We start
    understanding areas of the organization where things
    are lacking.
  • It maybe tempting to fill up the canvas with green
    notes. We are actually looking for red notes. Where the
    scope of improvement is much higher.

Challenge Identification

  • From the red notes particularly, we drive challenges at
    the center of the canvas.
  • Challenges can be a combination of several notes and
  • Each challenges will be identified in a separate note.