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Idea Assessment Canvas


This canvas help you to evaluate ideas and prioritize solutions for
responding to the challenge. It has 3 Business categories and 3
columns of idea contribution. At the intersection of business line
and idea contribution you will find a classical feasibility / impact matrix.



Idea Assessment Canvas

Business Categories

  • For each idea you will need to select between 3
    business lines.
  • Place your idea within the appropriate row. People,
    Technology or Infrastructure.
  • An idea could be split between several categories, in
    this case pick the most prominent category for the
    particular idea.
  • This is not a final categorization as ideas will merge. You
    may not border about accountability at this stage.

Idea Contribution

  • Some ideas would have a fundamental impact towards
    challenge resolution other would be incremental. The 3
    vertical columns help in sorting ideas’ contribution to
    the challenge.
  • Place the fundamental ideas on the right.
  • Incremental ideas on the left, those you are not sure on
    the central column are substantial ideas.

Impact & Feasibility

  • Ideas are sorted with respect to Impact and Feasibility.
  • Move the idea towards High Impact if you believe that
    this idea would have an high impact towards challenge
  • Move the idea towards High Feasibility if you believe
    that the ideas is easily feasible.
  • Ideas that have Low Impact and Low Feasibility are
    likely to be discarded.