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Goal Assessment


It can be genius but marge of institutional goals which
make them irrelevant. With this tool you can assess each ideas
with respect to institutional goals that maybe predefined within
your organization or that you may want to define for your
specific project




Goal Assessment

Goals Setting

  • Large organization may have several brands and
    portfolio whose goals differs from the main.
    organization. In this case it make sense to utilize goals
    that directly relate to the brand or institution who own
    the challenge.
  • Reviewing the challenge profile can be a good source of
    inspiration to drive goals.

Number of Goals

  • You may have as much goals as the project require.
  • If you have predefined goals for the project use the
    template corresponding to the number of goals that
    were set for it.
  • Write down goals at the extremity of each tips of the
    web diagram.
  • Start assessing solution design individually.

Solution Design Goals Evaluation

  • This web diagram help you to visualize the performance
    of each solution design with respect to challenge goals.
  • You can assess each solution design under the same
    diagram and establish comparison.
  • The objective of this template is to help you defining
    goals and accessing them before reporting the result on
    the Gain/Pain matrix.