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Goal Assessment

This tool helps you to evaluate concept solution with respect to
2 factors; Organizational Goals and Implementation Constraints.
After setting your goals and constraints Evaluate your concept
solution. Automatically discover what the best concepts are from
the pain gain matrix
specific project




Gain/Pain Assessment


  • In this matrix each number correspond to a specific goal
    of the Goal Assessment tool.
  • You can attribute a goal to each number and eventually
    change the coefficient for each of these goals.
  • You can start assessing each Solution design (a,b,c..)
    with respect to Goals.
  • If you have done the Goal Assessment exercise before,
    you just need to report the result on this table.


  • We have set attributes by default that you can modify
    with respect to your organization priorities.
  • Once you are done, fill the table by attributing a note
    from 1 to 5. 1 being low pain and 5 high pain
  • To discover the result move to the Gain/Pain Matrix

Gain/Pain Matrix

  • The Gain/Pain matrix is automated. Once you introduce
    all evaluation from the Gain and Pain table. Result will
    appear on this table.
  • You need to develop the ideas that are located on the
    top right corner. These ideas are LOW pain and HIGH
    gain, what we are looking for.
  • Other ideas could be developed as well thus they are of
    secondary priority.