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This tool help you to find relationship between ideas, group
them and create concept solutions. It is probably the most
challenging task of the process where ideas get integrated into
desirable working models. Concept solution must be seductive
and unique.




Idea Groups

  • Group the ideas in a way that make sense to you
    without theorizing. Avoid classification as such as
    business categories, ownership, etc. We have done this
  • The game here is to orchestrate ideas all together to
    create a compelling model. Eventually fill the gaps with
    new ideas. However you must perverse yourself
    deviating completely from the original ideas proposed.

Concept Design

  • Best concepts would come from awaken dreams for
    which you get motivated. They have little logic behind
    but just sound great to tell as a story.
  • For instance if you identify several ideas that reflect the
    concept of “philanthropy” you may try to develop a
    concept solution around this attribute. Be radical in that
    sense to give a real identity to your concept.
  • Avoid combination as such as philanthropy, green,
    technology, basic, digital, etc. Do these attributes
    maybe part of your concept they are not the essence of
    it. While designing solution concept we look for

Dependency Assessment

  • After presenting your concept to the group look for
    feedback. Understand what the bottle neck are to
    develop your project.
  • If you concept solution is a presentation poster. It
    maybe wise to ask the public to leave sticky note
    feedback on specific elements you are demonstrating.