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Innovation Diagnostic Canvas


Creating a well defined challenge will help you to communicate
with stakeholders. Harvest best ideas from collaborators and
discard unwanted deviation from the scope. For each challenges
identified design a challenge profile. The suggested challenge
profile will help to determine challenge components.




Challenge Profile


  • The potential challenge usually starts with the
    statement: How might we…?
  • The statement would be in a single sentence that
    resume all the aspect we want the challenge to cover.
  • The challenge can include constraints like “without
    additional employment”.
  • Keep concepts and wording simple.

The Sponsor

  • It is important to have someone who is willing to
    support the challenge within the organization.
  • The sponsor must have enough power enforce decision
    and run the challenge within the organization.
  • The sponsor must be in position to represent all
    stakeholders taking part to the challenge.



  • Knowing your Horizon and what you want to do. Will
    help in understanding the scope of change you can
    expect around this challenge.
  • Horizon and wants is something you should assess as
    team. Both these information would be determining to
    select the appropriate ideation technique.