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Innovation Diagnostic Canvas


This tool is used when we already have a general understanding
of the challenge. We want to understand the challenge
environment or a potential new challenge that derive from the
initial challenge.




Challenge Abstraction


  How to read this canvas?

  • At the center is the initial challenge.
  • At the circumference are the variables that may affect
    the initial challenge.
  • In between are the potential new challenges.

  A potential new challenge integrate the basic of the initial
  challenge and the specificity of selected variables.

Identify Variables

How to proceed?

  • First, we need to discover the variables. These
    important factors that may change the challenge scope.
  • Once we have define the variables.We can go with the
    writing of potential new challenges.

Discovering variables can be a long process you can
conduct using tools like stakeholder interview,
observation, qualitative and quantitative analysis.


  • We suggest that you run rounds of interviews with
    challenge stakeholders to understand underlying factors
    that could affect the challenge scope. Re-frame you
    challenge question if needed proposing different
  • This will help you to validate that the assumed
    challenge is really at the origin of dysfunction,
    alternatively you would have a potential new challenge
    to propose.