Prototyping Dilemma

Explaining the dilemma is choosing the appropriate prototyping technique for a given business model. This video speaks about the interaction existing between Product, Space, System and Service design. It propose a tools to select the appropriate prototyping technique. Download the … Read More

Innovation Toolkit from Innovation Toolbox – FREE download

Presenting the innovation toolkit from: FREE DOWNLOAD List of tools for: CHALLENGE Use this tools to identify innovation challenges. Understand the influencing factors that characterize your challenge. -Innovation Diagnostic Canvas -Challenge Abstraction -Challenge Profile IDEATE These ideation tools would … Read More

Presenting Facilitate Innovation Materials

Download 21 tools for innovation from: In this video Patrick Roupin presents the material for Facilitate Innovation Program. The Manual for Institutional Innovation The Manual for Innovation Processes The Exercise Book The Facilitator Guide The tool cards of Innovation … Read More

Challenge Profile – How might we…?

How might we…? is probably the rightest way to start your challenge question. By asking the right question, you have more chances of getting the right answers. The Challenge Profile respond the following: Inspires your team with a great question. … Read More

Idea Assessment Matrix

How to identify who is going to be a change development leader in the organization? May it be about Product, Service, System, technology or Management Innovation. You have a great idea… Where to start? Who does what? Who is responsible … Read More