We believe in participatory innovation and designed the tool box in such
way that it can address diverse stakeholders. It is the ideal tool for
organization that want to innovate cross discipline, cross department and why not cross culture. Business & Social Innovation Toolbox provides space for anyone’s creative mood.


Our vision is to spread innovation across the globe. Encourage corporations to involve their collaborators in the process of change. Culture, technology, economy, policy. Business & Social Innovation Toolbox is a multi-disciplinary approach to User Centric Design.

Open Source

We believe that sharing our knowledge would make us better and leverage the overall awareness about business & Social innovation. Our tools can be downloaded for free.

Expert Panel

These tools have been developed by a panel of experts from 3 organizations across 3 continents. They have been reviewed by facilitators, designers, engineers, researchers and top executives. They have been tested and proven through projects within business, governmental organization and NGOs.


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“This innovation toolbox has been co-created by 3 organizations
that provides tools, training and consulting services.”